Saturday, March 2, 2013

Café Barista

I'm writing this while drinking a homemade latte made with Café Barista coffe.  We went for a visit of their place yesterday. Alex Sereno, Enrico Serena and Carlos Orsini have transformed their Chabanel district office into a coffee shop, roasting plant and tv studio.  Their positive energy and passion for high end italian style espresso is contagious, it was a great evening!

Les produits offerts
Le nouveau barista
Tablette de paradis

We visited the roasting plant, where they prepare their different blends of coffee everyday. The beans come from all over the world and are mixed precisely to create specific blends that will be sold to the public and signature ones for a few lucky restaurateurs.

The guys want to keep business smallish so they will never have to reduce the quality of the final product.  You won't find their coffee in big supermarkets, but in specialized stores and gourmet markets.

If you don't have one of those places nearby, you can order online.  Café Barista offers free shipping everywhere in Quebec and Ontario, in 24 hours! So you really have no excuse to not get this awesome coffee, made here, by really nice people.
They have such a variety of taste and strength in their coffee that you'll find the perfect one for your taste buds for sure.

Yesterday was also the launch of their latest podcast's episode.  CafeBarista.TV is a webTV that features everything epicurean. In the 3 x 3 minutes show, Stefano Faita presents his family's business, Quincaillerie Dante and shows us how to make an affogato, a wonderfully simple and delicious italian dessert.

And that brings us to their new concept... how to prepare a delicious meal in 10 minutes or less.  Everybody is invited to send their recipes ideas, the only rule being it has to be done in less than 10 minutes.. easy right? The idea is to see if it's possible to eat right, quickly, when you get home from work, without resorting to takeout or frozen pizza.

Great plan... but I still have no idea how to make it a reality!

Speaking of food... the buffet provided was out of this world good!  Natural cold cuts (organic, happy meat) were provided by Fumagalli and Dolce & compagnie, Enrico Perugini's baby, had brought cannoli and sfogliatelles, an italian pastry imported directly from Naples and freshly baked in Montreal. it's so good you'll cry.

All these discoveries suddenly make me want to hang out in this area of Montreal that's 5 minutes from my place and that I'd always thought was a no man's land.. obviously, it's not! Especially now that I've met the new friendly barista ;)

Cannoli and sfogliatelle, try them!!!
Affogato takes minutes to prepare.  You make strong coffee, pour about an espresso worth in a bowl or short glass, add ice cream, crumble a few amaretti on top, there you go!
affogato, quick and delicious dessert
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