Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Kava

I talked about Kava Tours last summer, they organize guided tours of vineyards in the Eastern Township and Montérégie.
They're at it again this winter with a tour that focuses on ice wine and ice cider. I LOVED this tour, even more than the summer one!

The first stop is at Domaine Les Brome for a course in mixology, 3 drinks made with ice wine... The verdict: delicious, but wow is it early to be this tipsy! Expert's advice, even if the bus leaves at 8:30 am on Saturday, do not skip breakfast to get 30 minutes more sleep :P

The drinks' recipes are here. Try them!!!

Moving on to L'Orpailleur we are welcome with bubbly and a sabre to open it! (some brave souls tried it and it looks really fun but I'm too clumsy to think that combining a sword and a glass bottle is a good idea). A raclette lunch was followed by a frozen grapes pressing demonstration.

L'Orpailleur's products have proven themselves time and time again, they are all delicious! I particularly liked "La Part des Anges". It is a mix of freshly squeezed grape juice and eau-de-vie which is left to mature outside in demijohns for 6 years! This glass container, closed only with paper towels and a ceramic pot, lets the air flow through so part of the liquid evaporates (or is sipped by angels, whatever you prefer to believe).

We then cross the street to visit Union Libre, a vineyard that produces wine and cider. Apple trees and vines mix on the property and the result is sublime. The place stands out by producing a Cidre de feu (fire cider) (AOC since January 3, 2013!). The apples are pressed and the juice is heated to evaporate the water. The result has an aroma of honey and beeswax, maple taste and walnut finally. It is pure candy! And, oh joy, it will be available at the SAQ this year!

Kava has done a really good job with this winter tour! It's a great way to spend a day. Tours are available every Saturday until March 30 (possibly Sunday too, if there is sufficient demand). The departure is from downtown Montreal but the bus also stops at Bromont's Tourist Center.

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